Now you can avoid long lines of customers in front of your restaurant. No need to constantly monitor the social distance in front of your desk. The Guest Paging System can help you to totally change the policy of customer relationship.
After a customer makes an order, they are given a Guest Pager and they don’t need to stay in line after that. They can move quite far away and wait around. Once the staff prepares the order, the customer will be notified by beeping and vibration of the Guest Pager.

Guest Call System (6)

Guest Pager System KIT 16pcs


DD-18 KIT (10 Guest Pagers)


DD-P18 Extension KIT (10Pcs)


Guest System Transmitter "DD-T18"


Guest Call Coaster Pager IBells "DD-P18"


Guest Call Coaster Dock Charger IBells "DD-C18"