The peace and comfort of patients in the hospital ward are the basis for productive and shorter treatment. Accompanying this is iBells fully wireless nurse call system.
Patients no longer have to wait for a scheduled visit by the doctor, or the time for taking medications, or when the nurse comes into the ward and helps to rise to the beds, it will be possible to ask for additional painkillers or sleeping pills. Nursing call systems will help the patient to call an employee without getting out of bed.

Nurse Call System (14)

SM-101 WW


SM-101 WB


SM-101 BB


SM-101 BW


SM-102 WB


Pager Receiver "SD-02W", White


Waiters Call-Board Receiver "MD-1100"


Receiver "MD-1103" for Service Call System


Receiver "MD-1111" for Wireless Call System