iBells systems are simply designed and assembled in Canada for use in offices, banks, and various state agencies. Big offices usually have a fairly large team, and in order to increase the performance of the employees, it is necessary to create conditions for their comfortable interaction. By installing a call button in the boss's office, you can solve problems in a timely manner, instruct employees, set tasks, and notify them about meetings and training.

Staff call systems will help to avoid routine and bureaucracy in banks. Now you can safely regulate queues and establish fast communication between employees and customers.

There is always a large crowd of people in state agencies. In order to organize continuous work, the proper issuance of documents, and the provision of information, we recommend you use our pagers in queues, at information desks, cash registers, and bureaus.



Cafes And Restaurants Solution from iBells
    Cafes And Restaurants
    Hotel Staff Calling System Solution from iBells
      Healthcare Facilities Solution from iBells
        Healthcare Facilities
         Enterprises and Factories Solution from iBells
          Enterprises and Factories
          Fast Food Industry Solution from iBells
            Fast Food Industry
            Supermarkets and Clothing Stores Solution from iBells
              Supermarkets and Clothing Stores
              Assistance for Disabilities Solution from iBells
                Assistance for Disabilities
                Electronic Queue Solution from iBells
                  Electronic Queue



                  Calling systems

                  iBells Canada

                  SM-104 BB


                  SM-104 WW


                  SM-104 BW


                  SM-104 WB


                  Pager Receiver "SD-02B", Black


                  Waiters Call-Board Receiver "MD-1100"


                  Receiver "MD-1103" for Service Call System


                  Receiver "MD-1111" for Wireless Call System


                  SM-601K BROWN


                  SM-601K WHITE