By installing iBells staff call buttons in the sales halls, you can improve the interaction between the buyer and the employee. Being on the trading floor, the buyer, without leaving the department, can call a consultant who will answer all his questions regarding goods, promotions, or assortment. In fruit, vegetable, and frozen food departments the scales often malfunction or the tape for printing receipts runs out. By installing the assistant call button at the scales, you will save your store or supermarket from constant queues and will be able to avoid customer discontent.

Assistant Call Button

In Canada & US queues at the checkout are a very common problem in supermarkets. Using the call button, it is possible to call the cashier to his place, and in case of cancellation of the goods, the cashier can easily contact the administrator for help.

In large supermarkets, employees also need to communicate with each other. Cleaners, security, sales consultants, cashiers, and administrators will be able to quickly and easily find each other in a large space and eliminate the problems that have arisen.

iBells buttons have become an indispensable attribute in the fitting rooms of clothing stores. The client does not have to call out a consultant or leave the fitting room. Now they can alert the consultant with a push of a button.

Consultant Call System

The seller at the checkout also often needs the help of a consultant. Now he won't have to go all over the hall looking for him. It is only necessary to press the call button with the desired number and the consultant will immediately come to the checkout.



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