The success of any manufactures is based on the well-coordinated and uninterrupted operation of the entire "organism" of the enterprise. The quality of the final product depends not only on the efforts of employees but also on ensuring comfortable working conditions. A competent production management system, prompt elimination of problems, and improvement of equipment functionality are the main tasks of the management. A serious breakdown of the machine, a line stop, and delays in work is fraught with huge damage to the enterprise. To avoid this, we recommend you use wireless notification systems.

Wireless Notification System

If a machine malfunction occurs, the worker will not have to look for a mechanic throughout the enterprise. It is enough to install a call button next to the equipment, and the mechanic will immediately come to the rescue. There is no need to be distracted and leave the workplace anymore.

Our systems will also allow engineers to call employees to their offices for the necessary instruction. This will help to get rid of organizational problems in a crowded, noisy factory.

Now mechanics and engineers can move freely around the enterprise, it is enough to hand them pagers, and they can be called whenever they need to.

iBells systems are aimed to increase the response speed, contribute to enhancing the quality of tasks, and improve the production process.



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                  Calling systems

                  iBells Canada

                  SM-104 BB


                  SM-104 WW


                  SM-104 BW


                  SM-104 WB


                  Pager Receiver "SD-02B", Black


                  Waiters Call-Board Receiver "MD-1100"


                  Receiver "MD-1103" for Service Call System


                  Receiver "MD-1111" for Wireless Call System


                  SM-601K BROWN


                  SM-601K WHITE