The Canada's fast-growing restaurant industry demands new solutions and a personalized approach. The technology of interaction with the customer is reaching a new level. Customers in cafes and restaurants are no longer only paying attention to the variety and taste of the food, but also to the promptness of service, timely feedback, and speed of delivery.

Personal Calling System

Waiter call buttons in cafes and restaurants help your customers and staff interact quickly and seamlessly. Guests don't have to look for the waiter, try to catch him when he passes by, raise their hand or call out across the room - all they have to do is push a button at their table. The waiter will be notified on his pager and will approach the guests himself.



With a waiter call system, you will cover several tasks at once:

- customers will be satisfied with the speed of service,

- customers will always receive hot and fresh food,

- the time taken to serve a table will be significantly reduced, which means you will be able to accommodate more guests and increase profits for the company.




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                  Calling systems

                  iBells Canada

                  SM-104 BB


                  SM-104 WW


                  SM-104 BW


                  SM-104 WB


                  Pager Receiver "SD-02B", Black


                  Waiters Call-Board Receiver "MD-1100"


                  Receiver "MD-1103" for Service Call System


                  Receiver "MD-1111" for Wireless Call System


                  SM-601K BROWN


                  SM-601K WHITE