The hotel industry is a rapidly growing, highly profitable branch of the economy, part of the tourism business, with considerable potential for further development.

Coziness, comfort, a sense of peace, and home - this is what modern hotels should look like nowadays.

Make your hotel as comfortable as possible! IBELLS.CA wireless systems are an indispensable aid in this demanding task.

You only need to place a call button right in the hotel room to call the housekeeper. Your guest's requests for cleaning, airing, and turndown service will be met without delay. Your guests will appreciate the service in your hotel and won't be able to choose any other place to stay!

Any respectable hotel must have an emergency call button in the hotel bathroom.

In the event of an emergency, guests will be able to summon staff immediately thanks to the waterproof button.

By simply pressing a button, guests can easily call staff to transfer their luggage.

And even in a remote area of the hotel, such as the swimming pool, your guests will not be left unattended. Place the call button within easy reach and serve guests easily, quickly, and hassle-free!

By placing a staff call button at the hotel reception, you can easily connect customers with security, cleaners, porters, maids, and other hotel employees.



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                  Calling systems

                  iBells Canada

                  SM-104 BB


                  SM-104 WW


                  SM-104 BW


                  SM-104 WB


                  Pager Receiver "SD-02B", Black


                  Waiters Call-Board Receiver "MD-1100"


                  Receiver "MD-1103" for Service Call System


                  Receiver "MD-1111" for Wireless Call System


                  SM-601K BROWN


                  SM-601K WHITE